Blood spill CLEANUP

The most important fluid to the life of all humans and animals is blood. Conversely, once blood exits the body it becomes a biohazardous liquid because it can contain multiple uncertain pathogens that can cause many diseases and illnesses. Blood is also extremely difficult to remove from most materials. It needs to be cleaned and disinfected immediately.

Carolina Bio Leaves Nothing Behind

It is very important to ensure that blood is properly cleaned and that no traces are left behind. It should be a top priority to protect yourself and loved ones from a bloodborne pathogen exposure whether you are at home or work. Carolina Bio specializes in the treatment and removal of blood and any bloodborne pathogens that may be present. Our company takes extra precautions in order to eliminate any threats to you and your family. We clean, sanitize, disinfect and dispose of blood and bloodborne pathogens. We have established a seamless process to guarantee that nothing hazardous is left behind in order for you to continue with life safely.

Proper Disposal and Cleanup

The biggest concern and priority is the safety of those who come into contact with blood and bloodborne pathogens. At Carolina Bio, we use state of the art biohazard suits, respirators, and tear resistant gloves. To begin our cleaning process, our technicians remove any biohazards and infected materials. Next, the entire area is disinfected and decontaminated. At certain times, air scrubbing technology may be used to purify the air and remove the possibility of airborne contaminants. Lastly, all waste materials are removed and disposed of per local and federal regulations.

Why Choose Carolina Bio?

Carolina Bio is the industry’s leading biohazard remediation company. We specialize in the decontamination and disinfection of biohazards created from blood spills. Our technicians are trained and certified. Our company takes pride in knowing that we complete our job the right way the first time.