Dealing with a crime scene that occurred in your home is an extremely painful experience. No one can prepare themselves for the emotional weight of a crime scene, much less think about the crime scene cleanup process that is required. Besides blood and other body fluids, your property may have been damaged. At Carolina Bio, we understand how overwhelming this situation can be and we are here to help throughout the entire process. We want to help our clients through the mental and emotional aftermath of such a traumatic situation. We arrive to the crime scene in proper personal protective equipment (PPE) and thoroughly clean and disinfect the compromised area. Proper cleaning done by Carolina Bio ensures that no hazardous waste is left behind, returning your space to safety again. Carolina Bio’s technicians are available 24 hours, 7 days a week, every day of the year to assist clients with cleanup processes, paperwork, and insurance claims.

Committed Biohazard Technicians

Once a crime has been committed and the authorities have finished their investigations, you are left with a large mess. To lift this burden and to ensure the health of you and your family, it is very important to have a professional crime scene cleanup team come to your property. Carolina Bio is licensed, bonded, and insured. It is our job to clear all waste, have it placed in clearly marked bags, transported and properly disposed of. Carolina Bio follows all local and federal laws and regulations regarding crime scene cleanup and biohazard removal.

Why Choose Carolina Bio?

Carolina Bio is a compassionate crime scene cleanup company that can help lessen your load. We have technicians that specialize in cleaning crime and trauma related scenes. We understand how difficult these situations can be and we are committed to providing compassion during the cleanup process. Our team members will respectfully guide you through the cleanup process and assist in lessening the shock you might face from enduring a tragedy. The certified technicians at Carolina Bio come prepared with the necessary equipment to appropriately clean and sanitize your home. We aim to return your home to safety as quickly as possible. Our calm and compassionate team will always be here to assist you. Contact Carolina Bio to learn more about our crime scene cleanup services.