Unattended Death Cleanup

It is a sad and unfortunate reality that some people pass away and it goes unnoticed. If this situation occurs, it is most often the odor associated with the unattended death or decomposition that brings attention to the property.

In a warm and humid climate, it can take as little as 12 hours for a body to start decomposing. In a cold or dry climate, a body can take around 48-72 hours to begin decomposing. Once a body starts to decompose, house flies will find their way to the bodily fluids and lay their eggs. These eggs harvest into larva and feed off the organic matter from the decomposition. This process causes a foul smell and creates a biohazardous scene that needs immediate and professional remediation.

Who to turn to?

This unfortunate scenario can be very emotional and confusing. After law enforcement and medical examiner officials have investigated and removed the body from the scene, you can rely on Carolina Bio to finish the rest. We specialize in the restoration and remediation of decomposition and unattended death scenes. Our technicians are trained in cleaning and disposing of items and are equipped to handle every situation with compassion for each family. Carolina Bio has extensive knowledge and experience dealing with unattended deaths and decomposition. We are considered to be the best biohazard company in the Carolinas and we professionally deal with these difficult situations from start to finish. Carolina Bio will always show compassion and dignity towards you and your loved ones.

Carolina Bio uses the state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that any scene in any location is handled with the highest regard for the safety of the family and neighbors affected. We cleanup and remediate the scene, remove all contaminants from affected areas, and ensure the property is returned to safety. Contact us today for assistance.